Imagine 100,000 solar roofs in the next decade

It's the 21st century. So why do we still get so much of our energy from dirty and dangerous energy sources of the past, like coal and oil, which pollute our air, threaten the health of our kids and fuel global warming? Instead, we should be doing all we can to promote clean energy sources—like solar, which is abundant in New Mexico. We have a plan to put up 100,000 solar roofs in New Mexico by 2020. That's 100,000 homes powered by pollution-free energy that never runs out, only gets cheaper over time and creates jobs here in New Mexico.

Big Oil and King Coal stand in the way

New Mexico has the second greatest solar potential in the United States, receiving over 310 days of sunshine annually. Yet despite our massive solar potential, New Mexico ranks behind states like New Jersey in terms of solar production. We can and should be doing much more to fulfill our solar potential and shift away from dirty energy, but the oil and coal industries want to keep us hooked on their dirty and dangerous fuels, when we want to move forward.

Solar power creates jobs

Not only is solar energy a no-brainer for our health and environment, it’s good for New Mexico’s economy. In 2013, solar jobs grew at a rate ten times faster than the overall economy. (1)  Every dollar invested in solar and other renewable energy sources goes toward generating 4 to 10 times as many jobs as a dollar invested in oil, gas, and other dirty fuels. (2) Better still, these are local jobs which cannot be outsourced.

Together, we can win

Environment New Mexico is bringing together thousands of New Mexicans to counter the oil and coal industries and fulfill our massive solar potential. We’re building the broad grassroots support it will take to convince our leaders to help New Mexico go solar.

Members and supporters like you make it possible for our staff to conduct research, make our case to the media, testify in the Roundhouse, and persuade elected officials to make the right choices. By taking action online, you can help New Mexico put up 100,000 roofs by 2020.


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Solar updates

News Release | Environment New Mexico

Santa Fe Moves for a Major Increase in Solar Energy

SANTA FE, NM – On Wednesday, January 29th, the Santa Fe City Council made Santa Fe the first city in New Mexico to officially call for a fivefold increase in state solar energy production. The Council passed a resolution which highlighted the environmental, public health, and economic benefits of solar power, and urged the State of New Mexico and the Public Regulation Commission to set the goal of generating ten percent of New Mexico’s energy from solar power by the year 2020.

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News Release | Environment New Mexico

Solar Energy Rule Change Is Bright News For New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – On Dec. 18, the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC) reversed a decision that would have cut in half the amount of solar energy utilities were required to produce. After significant outcry from the public, the PRC changed course and ruled to grant one renewable energy certificate for one kilowatt-hour of solar energy. The resulting decision will continue to stimulate the production of solar energy in New Mexico. 

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News Release | Environment New Mexico

New Report: Wind Energy Yields Major Environmental Benefits for New Mexico; Reducing Pollution and Saving Water

Wind energy is on the rise in New Mexico and is providing huge environmental benefits for the state, according to a new report released today by Environment New Mexico. New Mexico’s wind energy is already avoiding more than 1.3 million metric tons of climate-altering carbon pollution – the equivalent of taking over 280,000 cars off the road, while saving over 600 million gallons of water per year – enough to meet the needs of over 15,000 people. 

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News Release | Environment New Mexico

Strong Support for More Solar Energy, Disappointment with PRC at Santa Fe Town Hall

SANTA FE, NM – Last night, New Mexicans from Las Cruces to Taos attended Environment New Mexico’s Go Solar, New Mexico! Town Hall to discuss the vital role of solar power in our state, the importance of further developing renewable energy, and the effects of the Public Regulation Commission recent ruling on renewable energy, which effectively cuts in half the quota of solar energy that New Mexico utilities are required to produce. 

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News Release | Environment New Mexico Research & Policy Center

New Mexico Ranks 5th in the Nation in Solar Power

Environment New Mexico Research & Policy Center released Lighting the Way: What We Can Learn from America’s Top 12 Solar States, a new report highlighting a solar energy boom across the country. The report ranks New Mexico fifth in the nation per capita for solar installations. This makes New Mexico one of a dozen states that have led the nation in solar energy with supportive policies and a commitment to continued expansion. Last year, solar capacity in New Mexico grew by 12% bringing it to a total of 190 Megawatts.

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